Healthy Living Services

HDgtl focuses on holistic healthy living based on guidance from its intelligent CHIP solution. Services such as Therapeutic Yoga, Therapeutic Music, Diet & Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Counselling for Medical Sciences are outlined herein.

HRhythm Music

The Music for Healthy living track is anchored by top celebrities from South India. The team includes Sikkil Gurucharan, P Unnikrishnan, Mano, Madhu Balakrishnan, KS Chitra, Mallikarjun, Gopika, Mukesh, among others. For additional details kindly visit

HRhythm Yoga

The HRhythm Yoga Services offerings have been crafted by some of the best Yoga Instructors from India. This services track provides value-based Yoga services like Chair Yoga for Office Goes who are in Sedentary positions, Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga Mudras & Chakras for Destressing, energy, Agility, Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Beauty, etc. More details on

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Diet & Nutrition

HDgtl, in strategic collaboration with Lifeline Hospitals offers corporate diet recommendations and has tied up with Karisma Diet to offer technology led advanced individual diet management & counseling programs.

Our team of Dieticians & Nutritionists create diets for people to keep them fit. The team specializes in deep understanding of nutrition, its effect on human health, advances in food technology in tandem with physiological, biochemical, and social aspects of diet, and the effects of metabolites and human health. Essentially, we would like to make sure that one is getting the essential nutrients needed to address concerns and or suit the individual lifestyles.

In the advanced program, every individual is provided with a carefully customized counsel suiting their own individual needs and requirements with round-the-clock availability of the counsellors. We will also conduct regular workshops for specialized awareness for our customer groups.

Our diet menu is based on combinations derived from the global standard classifications stated below:

  • Paleo Diet: This is a natural way of eating, one that almost abandons all intake of sugar. The only sugar in a Paleo diet comes from fruit.
  • The Blood Type Diet: The premise of these diets attempts to match people with their common dietary needs based on their blood type.
  • The Vegan Diet: This diet is a form of a vegetarian diet as it eliminates meat and animal products.
  • The South Beach Diet: This diet is based on the premise of changing one’s overall eating habits by balancing out one’s everyday diet. Certain carbohydrates are completely avoided.
  • The Mediterranean Diet: This is another kind of vegetable-heavy diet that avoids a lot of meat but does not eliminate it altogether.
  • Raw Food Diet: This is a diet that places a premium on eating uncooked and unprocessed foods.

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HDgtl, in strategic collaboration with Lifeline Hospitals brings Physiotherapy programs anchored by leading therapists. As more and more employees stay indoors, doing less exercise and adjusting to homeworking set-ups, it is just natural that physical conditions of individuals are under more strain. Common associated issues include aches and pains which just will not go away.

Given all the issues caused by COVID-19, many people are keen to benefit from virtual treatment. Remote physio access and self-referral to a private physio through secure online access enables an individual to speak to a qualified professional from the comfort of one’s own home. Physiotherapists can help manage pain, regain mobility, and heal from any injuries, taking the lifestyle into account.

Now with everything going online is easy secure a physiotherapy consultation online through a video call! Why wait? Access your Online Physio Now @

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HDgtl, in strategic collaboration with Lifeline Hospitals and counseling programs anchored by leading psychologists. Counselling can be one of the best answers to a range of psychological issues gripping today’s world - depression, grief & anxiety. While one may be doing everything right, leading a great life, exercising, and getting all the nutrients needed, nothing can quite replace the benefits from a genuine source of support through interactions with a counselor.

The benefits of Counseling include

  • improved communication, interpersonal skills, and teamwork.
  • greater self-acceptance and self-esteem.
  • ability to change self-defeating behaviors.
  • better expression and management of emotions, including anger.
  • relief from anxiety, depression, or any debilitating emotional health conditions.

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