Connected Health Informatics Platform (CHIP)

Connected Health Informatics Platform (CHIP)

HDgtl’ s Connected Health Informatics Platform (CHIP) is a proprietary AI/BOTs based Intelligent Platform for Corporations, Retail Customers, TPAs. This anytime, anywhere, any device access solution is available as an application on the mobile and browser platforms and enables intelligent guidance based on lifestyle, clinical vitals, past diagnostic data, and symptoms among other parameters. Employers can now utilize this holistic wellness solution - a persona centric health companion – for employees leveraging features of personal health data repository, data security, consent based privacy of data, on demand tele-access to medical services and value added healthy living services to stay healthy and enhance productivity.

Our solution embraces AI for improved clinical pathways and protocols, enhanced decision support, outcomes, NLP / BOT driven patient interaction & diagnostics, provider-patient- employer interaction and puts the customer in control of their data by use of the latest blockchain based storage.

Our solution includes the AI powered BOTs Healthy Living buddy for automated interactions, meaningful interpretations thereof, collection & analysis of symptoms, diagnostics data, non- intrusive interventions leading to overall physical & cognitive well-being. The solution enables a holistic view to wellness and has service modules catering to Diet management, Therapeutic Yoga, Therapeutic Music, Counseling programs administered by some of the leading lights in each field.

HDgtl Dashboard maximizes the use of individual patient data, providing continual insight on health & goals to improve. Continuous intervention and progress analysis based on data from connected devices if any enables monitoring. The BOTS automate actions where feasible

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